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Impact Council Volunteers

Make Change Happen

Each year, United Way of Southwest Louisiana relies on the generous help of our volunteers. Impact Council volunteers provide critical support to our community investment process. Impact Councils are multi-sector collaborations of non-profit, government and business leaders who are issue experts in the area of Education, Financial Stability, Health & Basic Needs. Impact Councils report to the Community Investment Committee, a standing committee of the United Way Board of Directors.


Impact Council volunteers assist United Way of Southwest Louisiana by...

  • Evaluating the effectiveness and alignment of current community investments (funding)
  • Actively participate in the allocation process by reviewing, scoring and ranking programs based on alignment and program performance
  • Recommending program investments to the Community Investment Committee (CIC)
  • Serving as an advocate for United Way


What makes a great Impact Council volunteer?

  • Issue expertise and intellectual curiosity to deepen knowledge about community issues
  • Passion for working with the community
  • Good verbal communication and analytic skills
  • Understanding of measurable outcomes and community impact
  • Ability to commit 20-30 hours per year for committee meetings, application review and research

How do you benefit?

  • Be a Community Impact leader
  • Deepen awareness of community issues, needs and resources
  • Develop your personal skills
  • Increase your visibility in the community


Understanding the Process

The Community Investment Committee is comprised of volunteers representing a cross section of the community from the parishes of Allen, Beauregard, Calcasieu, Cameron and Jefferson Davis. The
Committee assists in deciding the most effective way to distribute United Way of Southwest Louisiana campaign funds. It is the committee’s responsibility to ensure that each donor’s campaign contributions are invested in closely-monitored, local programs that truly benefit the needs of the Southwest Louisiana community.

The volunteers from the committee are divided into groups; each is based on one of the four United Way of Southwest Louisiana impact areas - Education, Financial Stability, Health and Basic Needs. These groups are referred to as Impact Councils. Each Council includes a Chair, Co-Chair and United Way of SWLA staff member. Each Council will visit their assigned agencies to evaluate their program’s effectiveness. During the on-site visit, agencies will give a presentation explaining their programs, services and investment of United Way funds. Council members are encouraged to ask questions regarding the agency and their programs.

Time Requirements: Approximately 20-30 hours from January - June including training, travel, council meetings and agency visits.

Conflict of Interest: Persons associated with an agency receiving or seeking United Way funding should disclose this to United Way staff. No person may serve on the Community Investment Committee if they or a member of their immediate family are employed by or is currently serving on the Board of Directors of any agency that is currently receiving or seeking a grant from United Way of SWLA.

To apply to be an Impact Council volunteer, download the application. After filling it out, return to: 

Dana Redburn, Director of Community Impact

Phone: 337-433-1088 ext. 227

Fax: 337-433-3679


Need Type: Volunteer
This Need is ongoing
Agency Requirement: >18 years old
Zip Code: 70601