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St. Nicholas Center for Children

Who We Are

St. Nicholas Center for Children is a non-profit pediatric therapy center transforming the lives of children with autism, delays and disorders by providing therapy and family support. 

Our staff consists of qualified professionals from education, psychology, sociology, and other related areas who have been trained in the methods of ABA-based therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy.

Our parents are dedicated to supporting our center and often volunteer their time throughout the year to raise monies needed to fund therapy programs.

Our Board of Directors is composed of area educator and business professionals dedicated to the mission of our center. 

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What We Do

1:1 ABA Intervention: 1:1 ABA Intervention provides each child with an intensive individualized ABA program. Areas including communication, language development, and the reduction of problem behaviors are addressed. All 1:1 ABA Intervention programs are overseen by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.


Social Skills Program: Building relationships with peers and interactions with others are the focus of our social skills training program. High functioning individuals gather together along with typically developing peers and ABA clinicians. This group setting allows the students to interact with one another and practice appropriate social skills with adults and peers.


Parent and Teacher Trainings: Training on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy techniques is offered to parents, caregivers, teachers, and family members. Hands on training and role play create a new understanding about behavior and how to facilitate new skills with your loved one. Trainings are offered on an individual level or in a workshop format.


Clinical Classroom: The clinical classroom program is for children who are of school age and would benefit from a specialized school program. The clinical classroom is a private school program aimed at facilitating the skills needed to learn in a mainstream classroom. This unique classroom setting allows 1:1 and group instruction.

School-based Line Technicians: This service provides assistance to children in mainstream classrooms. An ABA trained professional attends parts of the school day with the child to provide additional support to the child and the teacher.


Speech Therapy: Speech Therapy is offered as a 1:1 or a consultative service. Speech Therapy addresses the areas of language development, articulation, auditory processing, oral motor, and social development.


Occupational Therapy: Occupational Therapy is offered as a 1:1 of consultative service. Services include full developmental and/or sensory integration evaluation, written report, and home program. Treatment will address gross and fine motor skills, sensory processing, visual motor and visual perceptual skills, self-care skills, and therapeutic exercises for strengthening and coordination.


Physical Therapy: Pediatric Physical Therapists provide services to our children who have conditions that affect motor development, including positioning, sitting, and walking. It also addresses mobility and gross motor needs in order to develop the highest level of independence. In addition to assessing a range of motion, strength, posture, and gait, physical therapy promotes independence and safety at home and in the community.


Screening Tool for Autism in Toddlers and Young Children (STAT): The STAT is an empirically-based, interactive measure developed to screen for autism in children between 24 and 36 months of age. It is designed for use by community service providers who work with young children in assessment or intervention settings who have experience with Autism.


Language and Learning Assessments: Functional skills assessments are chosen based upon the individual needs of the learner. Data collected during the assessment are used to create an individualized treatment plan and serve as a baseline measure that is used to track progress. Assessments frequently used are the Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills Revised (ABLLS-R) and the Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement (VB-MAPP).


Functional Behavior Assessment of Problem Behavior: Functional behavior assessments of problem behavior are conducted when the goal of a program is to decrease problematic behavior. Observation in multiple environments, caregiver interviews, and direct interaction are used to help determine the variables that effect problem behavior. A treatment plan is developed based on the results and training is provided to the learner’s caregivers and staff.


FAST Track ADHD Therapy: FAST Track ADHD Therapy is a set 12-week program that addresses Social Skills Training for children diagnosed with ADD and/or ADHD.  Children work on anger, calming, bullying, attention deficits, anxiety, oppositional defiance, asking for permission, and helping others, among other goals. Each FAST Track sessions is individualized to meet each child’s particular needs.


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2519 Ryan Street
Lake Charles, LA 70601
Office Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. M-F
Contact: Amanda LaGrange
Contact Title: Development Director
Phone: 337-491-0800
Fax: 337-491-0508
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